April 4, 2011

Fuck you David Eastwood

Normally I’d tweet about this kind of thing but I feel I need more space. 

The vice chancellor of the University of Birmingham, Prof. David Eastwood now earns £395K per year.  To give that some perspective, the average wage in the UK is around £25K and the average wage of an academic in the UK is around £45K (this figure takes into account VCs as well).  So what the fuck does this man do to deserve almost NINE TIMES the pay of his peers?  

My real issue with this whole crap is how we as students are not informed of this.  How the fuck is the guild of students not telling us everyday about what they are doing to show Eastwood that his fucking stupid wage is not acceptable?  Please Dora Meredith, do something useful.  Do something fucking important and fucking inform people.